Survival Guide to Wise Living (Girls) image

Survival Guide to Wise Living (Girls)

Kristen & John Young

Category: Youth
ISBN: 978-1-921460-52-4


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With materialism, gossips, relationships around every corner, is it any wonder living as a follower of Jesus can sometimes be a challenge? Thankfully, the Bible, and in particular the book of Proverbs, is filled with great wisdom on how to live successfully in this world. With this 10-week daily devotional, you'll learn that the getting of wisdom is not simply a metter of 'knowing stuff'. It's about making good choices. We become wise when we take God's word and apply it to everyday situations. And that happens one day at a time. Also ideal as a Youth Group study.

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ISBN 978-1-921460-52-4
Category Youth
Released 2011
Pages 64
Type Softback
Imprint Youthworks

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