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Mark Hadley and Nathan Lee

Category: Children
ISBN: 978-1-922000-51-4


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Be absorbed by the adventures of Panda as he discovers what home really is and what true friendship entails. Two books for one fabulous price!

Panda: Home

Panda is a creative bear who lives in a village of elephants. While they like football, Panda prefers skateboarding, painting and playing the drums. Feeling lonely, Panda decides that he’ll be happier being with pandas who look like him and do the same things. Along the way, Panda meets Jerome, a friendly giraffe who shows him that finding your home has more to do with discovering people who love you as you are. And love is shown through caring for one another.

Panda’s journey mirrors that discovery of grace every Christian makes. Actually, there’s not much difference between Panda and the other pandas; they’re all focused on what suits them best. Through this story, children learn a new way of seeing friendships—as a gift rather than a means of getting what you want.

Panda: Friends

Panda loves to paint and play the drums, but most of all he loves to skate! So when he meets some fellow skateboarding enthusiasts, Panda just knows they’ll become good friends. But is shared passion the best foundation for friendship? In Friends, a tale that most kids aged 4-8 will identify with, Panda learns that inward-looking friends who show no concern for our identity or desires are hardly friends at all.  This second book in the Panda series beautifully illustrates the Christian view of friendship, teaching kids to love others the way that God loves us.

ISBN 978-1-922000-51-4
Category Children
ISBN 978-1-922000-29-3
Type Hardback
Pages 32 each
Released 2012
Imprint Growing Faith

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