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Seeking Christ when we sin image

Seeking Christ when we sin

What are we teaching our kids about how we deal with our sin?

As Christian parents, we want to help our children know they can turn to Christ for forgiveness for their sins. But are we doing that ourselves, and are we effectively communicating how to do that to our kids?

What do you do with your sin?

  • You can explain it with science.
  • You can minimize it with sophistication.
  • You can swallow it up with self-talk.
  • Or you can confess it to your Saviour.

Two schools of thought

There are two radically different schools of thought when it comes to dealing with our imperfections.

The “good news” of the world tells you: “You own yourself, you engineer yourself, you invent yourself, you discover yourself.” This message screams an absolutely diabolical falsehood. It will not give you the freedom you are looking for. It will not give you peace of mind. It will not give you a clean conscience. It will not give you eternal life.

The good news of the cross will give you: real freedom. It confesses, “I am not my own. I was bought with a price. I am not in charge. I am not the purpose of my life. I will not find the “true” me. I cannot create a better me. I need a new me.” The gospel promises life, but only through death–Christ’s death first, then yours in his.

True and lasting comfort

Do you want true, lasting comfort for your body and your soul? Do you need what you can’t supply? Are you too lost to find yourself? Do you want to cope or do you want to be saved? If you have sin (and we all do), and if you are ready to name it for what it is, call out to God. Do not delay. Weep, wail, plead. See the Son of God crucified in your place. See the Son of Man risen for your justification. Approach the throne of grace in Jesus’ name. God will not turn a deaf ear to an honest cry. A broken and contrite spirit he will not despise.

Run to the cross. There you will find salvation for your sin sick self.

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