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The Mighty Mighty King: Book Review

A new Christmas favourite that helps kids understand and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

As I pull out our box of Christmas decorations every year, I also love to pull out our Christmas books. I throw some in with other books during our pre-bedtime reading and use the books as a prompt to talk about why we celebrate Christmas with the kids. Christmas picture books are a great way to help keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus.

So I was excited to get my hands on The Mighty Mighty King Christmas Book, and have been trying it out with my kids. It has quickly become one of our favourite Christmas books.

The Mighty Mighty King helps kids to understand why we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and why he is the mighty King we celebrate.

Engaging young kids

The Mighty Mighty King is written for children aged 1-6, and does a great job of engaging young readers with the Christmas story. All the main elements of the Christmas story are covered, as well as explaining what Jesus grew up to do.

Penny Morrison’s clever use of repetition and rhyme is perfect for engaging young ones. The book also encourages kids to ‘show me your mighty muscles’ when they hear the words ‘mighty mighty King’. This is ideal for toddlers and active little people who may need to keep their hands busy during story-time. The actions make the story (and Jesus’ kingship) memorable too. My daughter has started saying ‘show me your muscles’ when she sees the book.

Lisa Flanagan’s beautiful illustrations help to focus little ones on the story. We’ve enjoyed using the illustrations to ask questions as we’ve been reading.

I also love how The Mighty Mighty King draws a connection to something kids can concretely relate to, by starting and finishing with pictures of kids helping with Christmas decorations and talking about why we celebrate Christmas.

Great for reading aloud

The Mighty Mighty King is ideal for reading aloud in a group setting for an infants Scripture class, playgroup or church Christmas event. It’s a faithful retelling of the gospel and would help to explain why Christmas is significant. On a practical note, the size of the book makes it large enough for kids to see the pictures while reading aloud in a group setting.

If you are looking for a book to help explain why we celebrate a baby born over 2000 years ago, or a book to help keep Jesus the centre of Christmas, I highly recommend you get your hands on The Mighty Mighty King.

The Mighty Mighty King Christmas Book is available for purchase at the Growing Faith store

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