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Birds and Bees By the Book

New from Patricia Weerakoon. Release July 19.

How do you respond when your children ask questions like:

     Where do babies come from?
     What does it mean to be gay?
     Why does my friend have two mums?

With so many messages about sexuality, gender and identity around them, our children need a safe space to learn about these topics now more than ever. They also need to know what these issues mean in the light of God’s love and plan for them as seen in the Bible.

If you are a parent or carer of a child aged 7 to 10, Birds and Bees by the Book has been created for you. It will help you to have these conversations with your children and at your own pace. 

Written by renowned sex educator Patricia Weerakoon, and illustrated by Lisa Flanagan, the six books in this set are designed to be read in whichever order suits you and your child.

Pre-order and find out more at birdsandbeesbooks.com

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